IT Compliance

Replacing automation with compliance and policy management for safer, simpler and technical debt free IT Infrastructure


As seasonsed professionals we know how hard it is to secure infrastructure against exploits, keep systems up to date and have enough time to get the rest of the work done needed to keep your company online and customers happy.

At UPTIC we automate security management, system deployment and threat detection using our Compliance as a Service offering allowing you to focus on whats important while being able to ensure systems are compliant and tamper proof against unplanned changes and constantly minimizing your attack surface.


Not only do we automate the management of infrastructure but we also automate the deployment and configuration of applications, this means changes are auditable, enforced and tamper proof.

Our compliance reports and automated CVE scanning can be used to keep internal and external auditors happy, reassure Security and Operations teams and catch threats before it's too late!

Keeping your systems secure and safe is our biggest priority.

Better safe than sorry

The biggest risk in the digital era is your information being exposed to hackers, competitors or the black market, and did you know that most attacks are not at all sophisticated but are infact due to human error, unpatched systems or silly backdoors that were added and forgotten?

Our compliance as a service offering allows you to gain the insight needed into your environment to evaluate risk, patch effectively and manage security flaws in any part of your IT Operations.

Leverage our automated CVE detection today to help your team secure your digital empire against weak links in the chain of security.

Fighting blind

In the day to day fight of keeping regulators happy, systems secure and healthy a major problem for system administrators, management and security teams is being able to see what's going on and where the risk is, thats why using our compliance as a service you can:

  • Generate full compliance reports for use by security teams and auditors
  • Track historic events and when an unauthorized or authorized change occured
  • Implement change management with peer reviewel
  • Get alerts when systems are no longer compliant
  • Intergrate with CMDB and ServiceNow
  • Manage 1000's of services without needing to increase the team size

Our years of enterprise experiance and exptertise in IT operations, open-source and Linux Automation has allowed us to effectively combind the power of automation with the visibility your company needs to stay online, unexploited and secure.

The Features you need today for the threats of tomorrow

Our compliance as a service solution protects you against threats with the ability to inventory critical systems,

enforce system update, patch polices and provide detailed reports to Security  or Compliance Teams.

Audit & Enforce

Using our compliance as a service offering means you gain control over your IT Infrastructure, push policy and audit policy enforcement all from a single pane of glass.


Managed as a service, deployed on your infrastructure or just need a little help with defining the right policies? Discover how our professional services can help you today!

Automated alerts

When a system is no longer compliant or unauthorized changes occur an automated alert is sent out to the Operations team for immediate mitigation or management.

Detailed Reporting

Gain quick insights into global compliance using the dashboard. List vital security information, centralize external security audits & reports. Manage Regulatory compliance.

Full Inventory

A full system inventory of Hardware, Software is uploaded daily and can be used to automatically comply systems to policies based on any information from the inventory report.

CVE Detection

Automated CVE detection means you can quickly detect and patch holes in your platform before you attackers do, minimizing the risk of data breaches seven-fold.

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