Software Development

Build quicker, deploy faster and compete better with our dev-ops driven solutions

Do you develop software?

Then like many of our customers you probably face the challanges of costly, lengthy and delayed deployments which are error prone, complicated and inflexible.

We actively support developers using CI/CD workflows, DTAP, and Rapid prototyping workflows to automate the common pains and complexities of software deployment away while minimizing the risk of customer outages and business impact in the process.

We provide consultancy and managed solutions around micro-service design, automation, deployments and life cycle management ensuring that we always have you covered wheter your working on a new MVP or deploying patches or upgrades.

We help customers go from monolithic applications to micro-services and cloud native design allowing you to scale to the masses.

We help you containerize workloads to make you cloud agnostic, ensure stability and minimize errors in production.

Shipping Containers to Production

Our software development customers face the common problem of software they build working on thier testing environments, laptops and not in production this common issue is normaly due to inconsistences between production, testing and development.

Using containers discover how you can ensure stability and consistency between development, testing and production and ship to any cloud or environment.

    What are the benefits of Containers?

    Containers allow you to ensure consistency between what you develop and whats running on production but they also give you even more benifits:

    • Become cloud agnostic with containers.
    •  Scale your workload from 1 to 1000+ giving you the needed flexibility to grow with the power of auto-scaling.
    • They are simple to use, build and deploy.
    • Thye are consistent and isolated from the host they run on.

    How can we help?

    Using the following techniques and skills we ensure that you will be able to build quicker, get your softwareto market faster and keep quality consisent and high at every step of the software development pipeline.

    Our dev-ops background means we understand the total picture from how to build the software up to how to run the software at scale, saving you money, time and increasing productivity.

    Application Monitoring (APM)

    Gain low level insight into thrown exceptions and code performance at a lower level then before possible.

    Continuous Deployment (CD)

    Discover the power of automated and consistent deployment to any environment fully autoamted and secure.

    Application Architecture

    Not only do we provide solutions to problems we also can help you design your applications with industry security and proven development practices in mind. Avoid pitfalls and minimize risk today with our architecture services!

    Micro-Services Architecture

    Discover the power of micro-service driven design and application architecture to run any application at scale with the highest level of security.

    Containerized Workloads

    Discover how we can help you Containerize your workloads meaning a higher level of application portability and technology agnostic workload deployment.

    Secure by Default Driven Design

    We worry about security so you do not have to, using our experience we can help you navigate the complicated world of regulations, security and keep you ahead of threats to your business applications.

    Continuous Intergration (CI)

    Tired of managing manaul software builds and need consistent build processes? Discover how we can help you automate the entire CI Process.

    Container Orchestration

    From Docker to Kubernetes discover how Container Orchestration can simplfy day 2 workload management and cut down operational costs by 30% or more.

    Successful Relationships

    At UPTIC our customers rely on our open solutions to help them grow and we focus on being more then just a vendor but a partner you can rely on!

    Case Studies:

    Foodsy BV

    Using UPTIC' cloud profesional services Foodsy was able to ensure scalabuilty and flexibuilty leveraging cloud technology.

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