Network Management

Our managed network solutions offer the stable and consistent performance you need to stay connected to your customer.

Never disconnect again

In the modern cloud connected world, no good time exists to be disconnected and with our Managed Networking solutions for branch office locations discover how we can detect and mitigate network issues, provide the best WI-FI coverage and keep your team happy and connected.

Our network management is as secure as it is flexible, easy to configure and most importantly gives you the needed insight into performance, security and health to be able to anticipate and solve network issues faster then ever before.

A partner you can trust

Our network management system is built with you in-mind, if an issue occurs we are alerted and ready to respond, we keep an eye on your network and it's health and will keep you updated with the best way to keep you network healthy, optimized and free of security or connectivity issues.

Lower cost of Ownership

At a fraction of the price of the leading network vendors discover how enterprise performance can be achived without an enterprise price tag attached to it.

save 70% on hardware costs for wi-fi access points, network switches and firewalls while meeting the performance needed of even the most demanding networks (compared to the leading network vendors).

Save time on management

Easy to deploy and maintain, saving you time and money as you no longer need to spend hours deploying a single piece of equipment instead deploy full branch locations in less then an hour.

No more complex trainings

Simple to use, simple to understand and easy to keep the helicoptor overview of how your network is doing without the need for an expensive 5 day network training or any training infact unlike the leading network vendor devices.

WIFI that works

Are you sick and tired of wi-fi being slugish, slow and unusable?

Or network management system and wi-fi hardware is built to handle the most demanding environments.

Regardless of if you need to transfer lots of data or are working in the cloud our wi-fi solutions will ensure you never disconnect when you need to rely on it the most.

easy to manage

our managed wi-fi solution will give you the control you need with a simple to use dashboard, deploy guest networks, limit bandwith and get a clear overview of how your network is doing from our single pane of glass management portal.

Case study: Stichting Amsterdamse Gezondheidscentra

Sixteen health centers for over 40 years. "We know our patients, and they know us." Therefore, each health center has one door behind which there is a comprehensive care. Using UPTIC's managed network solutions SAG has been able manage all 16 locations it operates in Amsterdam from a single pane of glass. While ensuring doctors and patients remain connected when they need it the most.

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