Operations Management

Partially or fully managed solutions for IT operations and departments

Operations, a necessary evil

Operations are critical to your business but are not the core of it, that's why as UPTIC we built an entire Managed Solutions Department that can maintain your operations, manage your cloud environments and are always ready to help you keep your business critical operations on-line and stable.

Our Value

With over 10 years of IT Operations experience with On-Premise Datacenters and Public Clouds we leverage our proven knowledge in System Administration, Linux Management, Automation , Security and much much more to keep you focused on your core business and minimize risk and IT Spend.

Full Stack & Flexible

From cloud to application UPTIC providers full-stack management for all layers of your IT operations and a flexible in-sourcing and out-sourcing model that allows you to on the fly grow your IT Team or out-source your entire operations!

Semi Outsourced

Want to keep control of IT Operations, need some addtional support or would like to train your internal IT Staff?

Discover how our Semi Outsourced IT Model can help grow the right skills you business needs to maintain complex and challanging IT environments or keep your landscape simple and effective.

Our knowledge and experiance can help you save costs, keep up security and minimize technical debt and unruly organic growth.

Fully Outsourced

Don't want to manage IT Operations but still want to ensure the highest level of security, flexibuility and operational uptime?

Let us take care of it for you with our fully outsourced Managed Solutions and never struggle with manage servers, patching out of date systems and firefighting issues with unruly IT Infrastructure.

We solve the gap in compliance, security and ensure faster then ever seen before deployment times meaning you can launch, manage and secure critical business IT faster then before and faster then competitors.

Support when you need it the most

Our operations team is dedicated to providing you with the best support experience we can, our customer centric mindset means that we always put the needs of the customer first and are here on standby for any questions or enquiries you might have.

Always monitoring

Our operations staff are trained to monitor and assess technical monitoring alerts on both the technical and business impact and will alert you proactively when issues or potential issues arise.


The biggest problem with cloud is the lack of someone you can call, thats where we come in we are real people here to assist you when you need it both remotely or in person.

Successful Relationships

At UPTIC our customers rely on our open solutions to help them grow and we focus on being more then just a vendor but a partner you can rely on!


Our IT Operations are built with security, stabuility and flexibuility in mind.

That's why we use automation, cloud and our expertise to keep your costs low, systems secure and  your internal/external customers happy and online!

Full-Stack Management

From Application to Server we manage and maintain your workload's with high quality support and fully automated security practices.

 Professional Support

Our team is here to assist you with architecture, advisory, installation and single point of contact support services for your Operations.

Enterprise IT Compliance

Discover our Compliance management solution aimed at ensuring your IT is compliant with Company Policy and Regulatory Policy.

Cost Optimization

Save on IT spend across network, infrastructure and cloud using our cost optimization services and profesional advisory.

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